Katelynn & Jalen

Where do I even begin with these two...

When Jalen first emailed me, I could tell, even via email, one of the most toneless ways of communication, how much he loves Katelynn. It was evident. It was real. And it was beautiful. The way Jalen described Katelynn, their relationship and his plan to propose made my heart dance, my eyes smile and my creative mind excited. I knew from those emails that witnessing their love for each other would make me one of the happiest photographers out there... and I was right. 

We spent one of the hottest days of the year, thus far, on an Army Base in New Jersey. We walked, we drove, we got lost. We laughed, we danced, we smiled a lot. It felt like I was spending the afternoon with two old friends and it gave me all the feels. Watching a couple love each other in such a natural and full way like Jalen and Katelynn do is truly an amazing experience. Seeing them together, capturing their genuine, unconditional and real love, felt like I was photographing the 8th wonder of the world.

Katelynn, Jalen, your love for each other, your commitment to one another is inspiring. Being a part of your proposal and this exciting time in your lives is an honor. 

Cannot wait to spend your wedding day together as well : )



5 Reasons Why you need an Engagement Session

One of my closest friends got engaged the other day and I couldn’t be happier for any two people in the world. Seriously, Ellie and Josh are meant to be. Ellie’s parents threw them an impromptu engagement party right after Josh proposed. When I walked into the front door, Ellie was the first person I saw. I ran up to her, squealed, hugged and then of course looked at the ring. And damn, that was quite a ring. Bravo Josh, Bravo. As I was holding up her hand in awe, all these amazing engagement photo ideas came whirling through my head. “We have to schedule your engagement session for late April” I said, still holding her hand up and admiring the ring. “Actually, Josh and I don’t really see the point in an engagement session, we’ll just get photos at our wedding. I am so glad you are here! You will have to help me plan the wedding.” And with that, she moved on to the next squealing friend and I stood there for at least a minute thinking about all the reasons why every couple should have an engagement session no matter what… and here is why.


1. Your Journey

No two relationships are the same. No matter how long you have been together. If you and your SO have been dating for months, years or even decades, it’s your story and your journey that brought you to this moment. To this commitment. It is the two of you who worked hard to build the foundation of your relationship. It is the two of you who decided to communicate and compromise when you weren’t seeing eye to eye. It was the two of you who overcame obstacles together, who leaned on each other through the good times and the bad and who put love and care into your relationship that it has became way more than just a relationship. It has become a life together. A future together. You and your SO are partners in crime and let me tell ya, that is no easy feat. So do yourself a favor, take the time to recognize how truly amazing it is that you have found each other. Take the time to think back to your first date, all those moons ago, and be in awe of how far you have come as a couple. Take a moment to document the time when you two decided to intertwine your lives together, officially. 


2. Celebrating your love

 You are in love. You are in pre-wedding bliss, well kind of. These months, or years, depending on who you are, are full of this long check list. You need to fit all of these things in. There is the engagement party, venue tours, cake testing, yards and yards of tulle, the list seems to go on and on. You are stressed out because you don’t know if you should go with tulips or roses for your bouquet. Your mom, god bless her heart, is calling you with a million little wedding decisions every day and at this point, it feels like the wedding will never get here and you just want to be married already! Well, don’t worry, it will all work out.  It will all be beautiful. Your wedding day will all come together. The bridesmaids will miraculously all love the same dress, you will pick out the perfect center pieces and the cake will look incredible. So do yourself a favor, take some time and plan for a plan-less afternoon. Schedule your engagement session; it will be fun and easy going. It will let you and your SO take time away from the crazy wedding planning, the constant phone calls and the endless pinning on Pinterest. It let’s you take a step back from all the madness and just be yourselves.

3. Just the two of you (and maybe a puppy too)

 Even though your wedding day is supposed to be just about you and your SO, it’s always a little more complicated than that. It’s about the caterers and the venue. It’s about mom’s wishes and dad’s family traditions. It’s about keeping up with the timeline and not forgetting to get drunk Uncle Harry in the family photo. Your wedding day can be chaotic and busy, but your engagement session, that is a whole different story. Your engagement session’s sole purpose is to capture you as a couple. No crazy caterers, no venue coordinator, no nagging mom and no dad asking for the tenth time when the father-daughter dance will take place. It is just you, your SO and maybe your puppy too. 

4. Practice for your Wedding Day

Yes, I remember standing in line, alphabetically of course, in an outfit I spent two hours picking out the night before Middle School Picture day too. My hair never looked the way I wanted. My smile was always more nervous than happy and the photographer didn’t even look up when he counted to three… Moral of the story, I get it. Most people out there do not enjoy getting their photo taken. But hey, this is your chance to get comfortable before your wedding day. This is the time to shake out all the nerves and realize that being in front of the camera doesn’t have to be so bad, it can actually be fun. This is the time to get excited about your wedding day photography and learn to love it instead of dread it. This isn’t your Sweet Sixteen or Freshman dance. This is your wedding day! You are no longer 13 years old just hitting puberty. You have grown into yourself, into your own style and you will fall in love with the photos that we create of and your SO. 13 year old you would be very impressed. 


5. Let's get Weird

Your wedding day will be planned out to the tee. There will be a timeline. There will be a specific location. There will be a certain way to dress, and there will be many, many people waiting to congratulate you. On the other hand, your engagement session has no rules (well, let’s at least keep it legal guys). You can wear whatever you want, you can go wherever you want and there will be a much more lenient timeline. If you and your BAE love tacos, we can take a walk to your favorite Taco Stand. If you love birds walked around Rittenhouse Square Park on your first date, let’s go there. If you and your SO play chess in your free time, bring a chess board! Engagement sessions are all about who you are as a couple and you deserve to document your relationship in a fun, casual, this-is-us-kinda-way. 

In 20 years, when you are standing in the hallway, dirty rag in hand, hair’s a mess and your feet hurt, you will look up at the wall art you have from your engagement session and it will make you smile. This wall art will hold a very special place in your heart. The time between he (or she) pops the question and you two say I do, is such a special and unique time in your lives. It is the time when you tell the world that this is it. This is your person. This is the one you are going to grow old with and stick next to through thick and thin. Why wouldn’t you want to capture who you are, how you feel and hold on to this feeling for the rest of your life. 

It is never a bad idea to take some time away from your busy lives; away from work, future mother-in-laws and from your crazy long to-do lists to have some quality time with your one and only. It is never a bad idea to set aside some time to celebrate the unconditional love you have for each other. It is never a bad idea to create photos that will forever remind you of how much you love each other. This is the person who is promising to be by your side, promising to embark on the beautiful journey of life with you and promising to put you on the top of their priority list now and for forever.

Why wouldn’t you want to showcase this love through artwork that will end up being family heirlooms? Why wouldn't you want to have photos that showcase how blissfully happy you are during this special time in your lives…. Because trust me, you two deserve it. You two have an amazing love story that deserves to be told. 

Now, go on… book that engagement session. Pick a location that means something to you. Treat it like a date. Have fun playing poker or eating your favorite sushi. Let your engagement session be much more than an engagement session, but an experience that you are sharing with your one and only.

Philadelphia, PA, Holiday Pups

As I was setting up the lights for my Puppy with Santa 5 minute Mini Sessions, I decided that I wanted to give these christmas photos a little twist. We were about to embark on 2017, a year that symbolized immense change. No matter what the new year brought us, one thing was for sure, we love our dogs and our dogs deserve their five minutes in the spotlight!

With the smell of change in the air and the admiration I had for each dog in line,  I went for it. I went for a much more up close and personal photo. I wanted expressions. I wanted smiles.  I wanted to see the sparkle in each and every one of our furry friends eyes. As great as Santa is, these mini sessions were all about the pups!

Personally, I love the energy of each and every one of these photos. Our furry friends really brought some great vibes and I loved capturing each one of them. 

Thank you to Home at Last Dog Rescue for letting me take part in their Christmas Charity Event!


 - YPP

Stone Harbor, NJ, Interiors with Sharon G.


As promised in my last blog-post, here are the interiors I photographed in Stone Harbor, NJ with Sharon Goldberg Interior Design LLC. 

Her unique and classy eye make my job that much more fun and THAT much more interesting. 

SO...as I state in like every blog post thus far... I AM BUSY! Therefore, to make this easier for everyone who is not Yael Pachino Photography to comprehend, I will write my most recent activities in bullet form.... OK READY? 

This week I...

  • Helped Lee Shelly with an 8 hour commercial Wig shoot at the Photo Loft
  • Went on location with Mike Allebach to do some PR/Headshot work for A Real Estate Agency in Pennsylvania
  • Drove to my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland (SHOUT OUT) to take some headshots for a local author who is publishing her own book
  • Visited a friend who is recovering from surgery
  • Hung out with the Aunts
  • Finished retouching and delivering the interior photographs I took for Sharon
  • Met up with my friend Emily to collaborate about a project involving cookies
  • AND helped Robert Goldberg move into his awesome new apartment

OHH and did I mention my poor KIA SOUL was broken in to also? Ya, had to get that fixed too.

And with all that being said, this week, I didn't once feel like I was working. Pretty cool eh?

Today, while I was getting my car fixed at Ed's, I was sitting in the waiting room, with my laptop working on Yael Pachino Photography when I sent this photo (attached below) to one of my photography groups on Facebook (excuse the jew hair and the dust from the autoshop on my laptop)..

Then, within probably 30 seconds, my very talented and very amazing friend, Tiahna Somero responded with this...

-Always a good feeling to not be alone in this crazy world of photography. MISS and love you Tiahna : )


Ok. Off to open my business account at the bank!

Wishing you a happy Friday to you and yours. 

Speak soon.

I'm the worst at signing off. 

Here goes nothing. 



PHILADELPHIA, PA, Just another day!


Hope everyone is having a good week. I want you all to be the first to know that Yael Pachino Photography is now a registered small business in the State of Pennsylvania! It's very exciting news. Now I can finally open a small business bank account and really get the ball rolling. 

I want to give a quick shout out to one of my best readers/fans out there; Brooke Prince, soo happy you are doing well! Keep up the good work and keep getting stronger!

Next, I want all of you to know that I spoke to not one, not two, but THREE potential clients today. One of them might have been my awesome aunt, but that's besides the point. So as of right now, I have a bunch of potential sessions coming up, I just have to keep be persistent and pushing forward so CROSS YOUR FINGERS. 

One of the hardest things I have encounter thus far since I have graduated Hallmark Institute of Photography is sticking to my prices. One of the greatest lessons that Tony Downer and Richard Barnes has taught me is to value my own work and to not let others convince me that my work is not worth my prices. So thank you Tony and Richard for repeating yourself so many time that now your voices play like an old record player in my head. 

Stay posted for next weeks blog entry! I will finally be releasing the amazing work Sharon and I did in Stone Harbor, NJ.

So to sum up: 


- Yael follow up with your potential leads!

- Yael keep to your prices.

- Tony and Richard KEEP BEING YOU!

- Everyone else, love the life you are given and never let anyone keep you from reaching your dreams. 

Until next week!

All my best, 

Yael Pachino


Philadelphia, PA...July 15th, 2016.

Hello Brooke and Barbie (and whoever else reading this).

So, good news! I finally bought a computer, so now I will be able to post, retouch, upload images etc...much more frequently.  

Bruce, from the Apple Store, took one look at my facial expression and gave me the student discount (I will forever be thankful Bruce)! Bruce is also a photographer and understood the equipment struggle. "Us photographers need to stick together" he said with a wink as he handed me my computer. 

Anyhow, the last time I posted, I was still a Hallmark student, but guess what! I am officially a Hallmark Graduate. It is both exciting, yet terrifying. I love the idea that I can spend every day creating images, meeting new people and collaborating with others. 

The day after I graduated, I packed up my KIA SOUL and drove down to Philadelphia! I AM OFFICIALLY A PHILLY GIRL and let me tell you, it feels awesome. I have two amazing roommates and an incredible support system here. 

Today, July 15, 2016, is not only my niece, Ayelet's, third birthday, but it was also my first real session as a professional/non-student photographer. Luckily, it was with the awesome Sharon Goldberg. We drove to Stone Harbor, NJ, a cute little beach town on the Jersey Shore and took some interiors of a house she decorated. The house was stunning and the session went really well! Cannot wait to show all of you the photos!

This might sound kinda-sappy, but it makes me insanely happy that I get to wake up every day and be a photographer.

Wish me luck!

Let me know if you need any photos! I DO IT ALL!

Until next time.

All my best, 

Yael Pachino



Greenfield, MA...Portfolio...

Hello Friends!

So guess what! MY FINAL PORTFOLIO WAS ACCEPTED! At exactly 11:47am on Friday, June 17th, 2016, my Hallmark Student Portfolio was judged by an amazing group of panelist and they passed it! Which, for those of you who do not know, means I can graduate! VERY EXCITING STUFF. Graduation is in less than a week and I have a million and one things to do before I graduate.

What happens after I graduate you may ask? Well, I will be moving to the lovely city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I cannot wait. And for the most exciting part: I already have the foot in the door at one of the only Food Photography Studios in Philadelphia!

So, to give you the background details, I have been contacting this Food Photography Studio for months. I have been sending them my work, calling them on the phone and shooting them emails just to remind them of who I am and that my arrival is rapidly approaching. About a month ago, I was waiting for Tavern on the Hill in East Hampton to open the doors so I can inquire about shooting at their location when I decided to give good old Colin from the studio another call. I called, Corey, the assistant, picked up as usual and I asked to speak to Colin. As soon as he heard my voice his tone perked up and he genuinely sounded happy to hear from me. He informed me that the studio was going to be very busy over the next few months and they are needing more people to help out. He asked me to check my schedule and see if I can come assist and see how I work with the team. OBVIOUSLY I SAID YES.

So, to put it all into perspective of how crazy Yael Pachino really is, let me briefly explain to you what really went down over the last few weeks.

We turned in our portfolios to our instructors on June 1st.

I produced two new portraits by June 3rd (that were considered portfolio worthy).

June 5th I drove down to Philadelphia.

Assisted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Drove back to Massachusetts on Thursday night.

Went straight to school at 12:30am to edit.

Pulled the first all-nighter since Freshman Year of Undergrad (GO TERPS!).

Submitted 24 photos in my Student Portfolio at 1:45pm on June 10, 2016.

Drove to Maine to assist the amazingMelissa Mullin at a wedding on an Island of off the port of Portland. 

Drove back to Massachusetts that night.

Drove to Philadelphia the next day.

Assisted the Food Photography Studio, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Drove back to Massachusetts Thursday night to make it on time for my Portfolio Review on Friday the 17th of June.


Next Up:

I will be driving back to Philadelphia on Monday to assist Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

And for the last time, I will be driving up to Massachusetts on Thursday night so I can graduate with my classmates and friends on Friday, June 24, 2016.


So moral of the story... Life of a photographer is never boring.


Woodstock, Vermont to Boston, Massachusetts... life in New England is busy!

Hello Friends!

So, life has been crazier than ever since I last wrote. To sum it up; I have been prop shopping, shooting, calling models, emailing models, trying to find models, road tripping to Woodstock, Vermont to pick up some props for our video project (thank you for driving Danielle), writing not one, but two shot lists with the amazing and talented Alyssa Luse and ohh, did I mention, I HIT A POSSUM! 

I feel very bad about the possum.

It came out of no where. It was awful.

The craziest, yet coolest part of the week was the incredible opportunity I had to assist Heath Robbins. For those of you who are not familiar with Food Photography, he's one of the big guys in the game right now and at 8:53 a.m. on Friday morning, I walked into one of the most beautiful studios I have ever seen. AND DID I MENTION THE PROP ROOM. My mouth hit the floor when I saw the amount of glasses and surfaces he had. I think I drooled a little. I hope Heath didn't see. Anyways, it was an incredible experience. Even though he is this successful and talented photographer, he took the time to explain the different things he did and the different techniques he used. I learned so much from just one morning with Heath and I hope to assist him again in the future.

Ok, got to go and get ready for a shoot!

If anyone wants to model for me, let me know!

Ohh, and don't forget to turn those lemons into lemonade.

All my best,

Yael Pachino

Turners Falls, MA...Mission Finish Line


Hope all is well.

Last Thursday, we received our Phase IV Portfolio assignment which is both exciting and terrifying. This is it guys. This is what we have been working towards for the last 8 months. This is why I moved to Massachusetts. It is time to give it our all!

We shall call it, MISSION FINISH LINE.

The assignment: 24 Images.

We have 8 weeks to come up with concepts, find models, find props, shoot, re-shoot, re-shoot our re-shoot and edit etc... Sleep is definitely not part of MISSION FINISH LINE.

I decided to not let negativity or my fear get in the way and therefore, I started off by doing what gets me in the right mindset;  a Food Still Life. So, on Thursday night, I found an inspirational image and went prop shopping as soon as school was out.

Let me tell you guys, this whole food photography thing is teaching me so much about myself, recipes and food in general.  I actually had to ask the woman in the produce section at Whole Foods what type of Sweet Potato I should use in my Sweet Potato Soup. Let us just say, I have a lot to learn. In the end, my soup tasted amazing (at least that is what my roommate Amanda said) and my shot came out nicer than I expected.

Thanks to all the help from Chat, Alyssa, Molly, Danielle, Amanda and Kristen. Always nice to have a little help from my friends.

So to summarize...

- We have officially began MISSION FINISH LINE.

- We learned how to make soup!

- We got into the studio immediately and started shooting.

- We have great friends and instructors that couldn't be more supportive.

Life isn't too shabby right now.

Until next time!!

All my best,

Yael Pachino


Greenfield, MA...Hello Friends :)

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the adventures of Yael Pachino Photography.

Today is a good day! I have officially launched my website (obviously you know, since you are here reading this blog post)! Anyways, I am sitting here in the Image Theater at Hallmark Institute of Photography with my girls, shout out to Danielle Allendorf, Molly Baldwin, Amber Gaulden and Liz Hidalgo, I couldn't have survived the first seven months of school without them.  It is just us still here, blasting Britney Spears, what could be better!


Anyways, just wanted to say hello officially!

Welcome to my blog, my website and I look forward to writing with all of you in the future.



-- Yael Pachino