Woodstock, Vermont to Boston, Massachusetts... life in New England is busy!

Hello Friends!

So, life has been crazier than ever since I last wrote. To sum it up; I have been prop shopping, shooting, calling models, emailing models, trying to find models, road tripping to Woodstock, Vermont to pick up some props for our video project (thank you for driving Danielle), writing not one, but two shot lists with the amazing and talented Alyssa Luse and ohh, did I mention, I HIT A POSSUM! 

I feel very bad about the possum.

It came out of no where. It was awful.

The craziest, yet coolest part of the week was the incredible opportunity I had to assist Heath Robbins. For those of you who are not familiar with Food Photography, he's one of the big guys in the game right now and at 8:53 a.m. on Friday morning, I walked into one of the most beautiful studios I have ever seen. AND DID I MENTION THE PROP ROOM. My mouth hit the floor when I saw the amount of glasses and surfaces he had. I think I drooled a little. I hope Heath didn't see. Anyways, it was an incredible experience. Even though he is this successful and talented photographer, he took the time to explain the different things he did and the different techniques he used. I learned so much from just one morning with Heath and I hope to assist him again in the future.

Ok, got to go and get ready for a shoot!

If anyone wants to model for me, let me know!

Ohh, and don't forget to turn those lemons into lemonade.

All my best,

Yael Pachino