Turners Falls, MA...Mission Finish Line


Hope all is well.

Last Thursday, we received our Phase IV Portfolio assignment which is both exciting and terrifying. This is it guys. This is what we have been working towards for the last 8 months. This is why I moved to Massachusetts. It is time to give it our all!

We shall call it, MISSION FINISH LINE.

The assignment: 24 Images.

We have 8 weeks to come up with concepts, find models, find props, shoot, re-shoot, re-shoot our re-shoot and edit etc... Sleep is definitely not part of MISSION FINISH LINE.

I decided to not let negativity or my fear get in the way and therefore, I started off by doing what gets me in the right mindset;  a Food Still Life. So, on Thursday night, I found an inspirational image and went prop shopping as soon as school was out.

Let me tell you guys, this whole food photography thing is teaching me so much about myself, recipes and food in general.  I actually had to ask the woman in the produce section at Whole Foods what type of Sweet Potato I should use in my Sweet Potato Soup. Let us just say, I have a lot to learn. In the end, my soup tasted amazing (at least that is what my roommate Amanda said) and my shot came out nicer than I expected.

Thanks to all the help from Chat, Alyssa, Molly, Danielle, Amanda and Kristen. Always nice to have a little help from my friends.

So to summarize...

- We have officially began MISSION FINISH LINE.

- We learned how to make soup!

- We got into the studio immediately and started shooting.

- We have great friends and instructors that couldn't be more supportive.

Life isn't too shabby right now.

Until next time!!

All my best,

Yael Pachino