Stone Harbor, NJ, Interiors with Sharon G.


As promised in my last blog-post, here are the interiors I photographed in Stone Harbor, NJ with Sharon Goldberg Interior Design LLC. 

Her unique and classy eye make my job that much more fun and THAT much more interesting. I state in like every blog post thus far... I AM BUSY! Therefore, to make this easier for everyone who is not Yael Pachino Photography to comprehend, I will write my most recent activities in bullet form.... OK READY? 

This week I...

  • Helped Lee Shelly with an 8 hour commercial Wig shoot at the Photo Loft
  • Went on location with Mike Allebach to do some PR/Headshot work for A Real Estate Agency in Pennsylvania
  • Drove to my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland (SHOUT OUT) to take some headshots for a local author who is publishing her own book
  • Visited a friend who is recovering from surgery
  • Hung out with the Aunts
  • Finished retouching and delivering the interior photographs I took for Sharon
  • Met up with my friend Emily to collaborate about a project involving cookies
  • AND helped Robert Goldberg move into his awesome new apartment

OHH and did I mention my poor KIA SOUL was broken in to also? Ya, had to get that fixed too.

And with all that being said, this week, I didn't once feel like I was working. Pretty cool eh?

Today, while I was getting my car fixed at Ed's, I was sitting in the waiting room, with my laptop working on Yael Pachino Photography when I sent this photo (attached below) to one of my photography groups on Facebook (excuse the jew hair and the dust from the autoshop on my laptop)..

Then, within probably 30 seconds, my very talented and very amazing friend, Tiahna Somero responded with this...

-Always a good feeling to not be alone in this crazy world of photography. MISS and love you Tiahna : )


Ok. Off to open my business account at the bank!

Wishing you a happy Friday to you and yours. 

Speak soon.

I'm the worst at signing off. 

Here goes nothing.